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  5th Annual China Aviation Training Forum 2019

凯旋门棋牌   2019年9月24日至25日  中国,海南省·三亚市

  September 24th - 25th, 2019 Sanya City, China

凯旋门棋牌   【论坛组委会单位】

  【主办单位 / Hosted by】


  Shanghai Society of Aeronautics


凯旋门棋牌   Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology Sub-committee of CSAA

  【支持单位 / Supported by】

凯旋门棋牌   中国民用航空三亚安全监督管理局

凯旋门棋牌   CAAC?Sanya Safety Supervision Administration

  【承办单位 / Organized by】


  COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd.

凯旋门棋牌   上海广尧商务咨询有限公司

  Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

凯旋门棋牌   【会议背景】


  基于此背景,由上海市航空学会与中国航空学会民用飞机运行支持技术专业分会共同主办,中国民用航空三亚安全监督管理局 支持,中国商飞上海飞机客户服务有限公司和上海广尧商务咨询有限公司共同承办的“第五届民用航空培训产业论坛”将于2019年9月在海南省三亚市召开,会议将针对航空安全提升,创新培养模式及新技术应用,航空数据运用及模拟机培训等话题展开讨论,旨在通过会议传达培训产业前沿讯息,提升飞行培训实际成效,优化航司人才储备,助力中国民航产业持续高速发展。

  【Event Background】

  As ICAO predicts that China will surpass United States in 2022 as the world's largest air travel market, and it will need 110,000 more pilots by 2035.The talent reserve mechanism of the three state-owned airlines Air China, China Eastern airlines and China southern airlines is relatively stable. However, due to the long training period of pilots, private airlines will choose the way of high-paying recruitment to supplement talent pool, especially for foreign pilots. Foreign pilots in Europe and US will be recruited at four times the industry standard salary, and the tax-free starting salary for foreign pilots has risen monthly from $10,000 to $26,000, and still keep rising,the soaring demand for civil aviation and the consequent fleet expansion speed are far higher than the growth rate of the number of domestic captains, so it can be inferred that there is still a sharp shortage of mature pilots in China, and the shortage of mature pilots is a major problem in the development of civil aviation in China.

凯旋门棋牌   Under this background,The?5th annual Civil Aviation Training International Forum (CATF) will be hold on?September,?2019?in Sanya,China,which is hosted by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics Civil Aircraft Operation Support Sub-committee and Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, supported by Sanya Safety Supervision Bureau of CAAC,organized by COMAC?Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd?&Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. The meeting will focus on topics such as aviation safety improvement, innovative training mode and new technology application, aviation data application and simulator training, aim to deliver cutting-edge information of the training industry,improve flight training actual effect, optimize talent pool, boost the rapid growth of China's civil aviation industry.




凯旋门棋牌   3.LOSA-从更准确的飞行信息中评估潜在的威胁和风险

凯旋门棋牌   4.不同“水平”的UPRT如何影响专业飞行员职业生涯的不同阶段

凯旋门棋牌   5.CCAR-121-R5正式运行后的成效及后续影响



凯旋门棋牌   8.新技术引领下的航空培训要求



凯旋门棋牌   11.眼球追踪技术在全飞行模拟器中的应用





凯旋门棋牌   16.降低机组人员操作的课程分享

凯旋门棋牌   17.EBT实证训练如何深入开展,融合进现有课程

凯旋门棋牌   18.从学员到机长如何能建立一个完善的、高效的体系

凯旋门棋牌   19.  新机型的飞行员培训实施

凯旋门棋牌   20.ARJ的运行反馈及稳定性分析

  【Hot Topics】

  1.How to Ensure that the Development of Civil Aviation in High-speed While Maintaining Acceptable Safety Level

  2.One Key to the Successful Implementation of Safety Regulation is to Attain a “Just Culture”?

  3.LOSA- Assess Potential Threats and Risks From More Accurate Flight Information

凯旋门棋牌   4.How Different‘levels’of  UPRT Influence Various Stages of a Professional Pilot’s Career

  5.Effects and Subsequent Effects After  Operation of CCAR-121-R5

  6.SMS- the Next Step in the Evolution of Safety in Aviation

  7.The New Initial – VR Technology Combine with Training

  8.Aviation Training Requirements Under the Guidance of New Technologies

凯旋门棋牌   9.The Actual Effect of HUD

凯旋门棋牌   10.Create a More Relaxed and Active Training Environment through Gamification Training

凯旋门棋牌   11.Application of Eye-tracking Technology in Flight Simulator

  12.Case Study of How Hainan Airlines Implement ACPC

凯旋门棋牌   13.The Standards of Simulator Operator Quality Assessment

  14.How to Make Full Use of Existing Training and How to Broaden the Training Means to Curb Technology Decline.

  15.How to Deal with Time and Venue Restrictions in Aviation Training After the Expansion of Aircraft Fleet and Route Scale?

凯旋门棋牌   16.Lessons from Work on Reduced Crew Operations

凯旋门棋牌   17.How to Further Develop EBT and Integrate into the Existing Curriculum

  18.How to Build a Complete and Efficient System from Trainee to Captain

  19.New Aircraft Pilot Training Implementation

凯旋门棋牌   20.Operation Feedback and Stability Analysis of ARJ

凯旋门棋牌   【联系信息】

凯旋门棋牌   上海广尧商务咨询有限公司

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  Company name: Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

凯旋门棋牌   Name: Sara LIU

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